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Convert Your Website to App for FREE

Now you can convert your website to App for free without coding. Just submit the app details like app name, website url, app icon etc and convert your website to app for free within few minutes.

Convert Website to App Free
Website to app

How to Convert your Website to a App for Free?

Submit Your App Details

For converting your website to app just submit your app details like app name, website link, app icon, splash image etc.

Wait For Few Minutes

After submitting the app details you just need to wait for few minutes to complete the process of website to app conversion.

Your App is Ready

After the completion of process of website to app, you can download the app and install into your phone or upload it to Playstore. Our apps are fully google play compatible.

We Can Convert Any Website To App

Whether your website is a custom php website, laravel website, wix website, shopify website or any other type of website. We can convert any website to app. The only requirement for converting a website to app is that your website should be a responsive website. That’s all.

Features Included in Your Website App

At free website to app converter we use our best technology to convert your website to app in just few minutes. Our website to app converter has all the basic and advanced features which are required for an app’s success. Top features which are included in the app are mentioned below :-

  • Push Notifications: As we all know now a days push notifications is a very important part of an app. I can be used for sending important information to our customers, can be used for marketing or even we can use it for sending important app updates etc.
  • Download and Upload Support: All our apps converted at Free Website To App supports download and uploads. Sometimes we have some resources which we want our customers to download or upload to our our website. When website is converted to app through our platform, the app fully supports  downloads and uploads.
  • Custom Splash Image: As we all know how important is splash screen in an app, So every app should have a splash screen during startup of an app. At Free Website To App you can easily select a custom splash screen according to your requirements.
  • Exit Confirmation: Avoid accidental exits and improve user retention with our exit confirmation feature. When users attempt to close your app, a confirmation dialog will appear, reducing the likelihood of accidental closures and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • AdMob Monetization: Monetize your app with AdMob, one of the most effective mobile advertising platforms. We integrate AdMob seamlessly into your app, allowing you to generate revenue through targeted ads without compromising user experience.
  • Custom Permissions: Ensure your app has the necessary permissions to function optimally. We customize permissions to match your app’s specific needs, whether it’s accessing the camera, location, or storage, providing a secure and user-friendly experience.
Website To App
  • Fast Speed: As we all know speed is great factor now a days in an apps success. We use the latest technology and softwares to make the apps as fast possible. All the apps converted at Free Website To App are really very fast is the very important factor of an app.
  • Custom Colors: While converting a website to app we provide you complete options to select custom colors which you want in your app to be displayed. You can select the main color of your app which will be used in loading icons and top app bars. We also provide options to select custom colors for splash screen background.
  • Automatic Website Updates: Once the app is converted from the website, you don’t need to update any content in your app separately. Any thing you update in your website will get automatically updated in you app.
  • Google Play Compatible: All the apps converted build at Free Website To App are fully google play compatible. This means that after converting your app from website you can upload the app in play store. So that your customers can easily download your app from play store.
  • Progress Bar: Enhance your app’s usability with a visible progress bar. This feature informs users about loading times and ongoing processes, making the app experience more transparent and less frustrating.
  • Pull to Refresh: Keep your content fresh and engaging with our pull to refresh feature. Users can easily refresh the content with a simple swipe, ensuring they always have access to the latest updates and information.

Benefits of Converting Website to App

By converting your website to app you get many benefits. First of all its easier for the customers to get interactions with your app than a website. As apps gets installed in the phone. The app is always easily accessible to the customer. For a customer to access the website, customer needs to open browser first and than type the website address and visit it. But if the app is installed for that website. Customer just need to click on the app already installed in the phone and he can easily access it. Whether website is ecommerce website, business website, ngo website or any kind of website. Each website must have an app to enhanced its user experience.

Why Choose Free Website to App Convertor?

Build you app in minutes

The technology and softwares we use allows you to convert your website to app in just few minutes. You just need to submit your app details and within few minutes you get your app ready.

No Coding Required

Whether you are a novice or experienced in coding. At Free Website To App it doesn’t matter. Here you can convert your website to app without coding.

Saves Money

Their are many competitors in the market who are asking for a lot of money to convert website to app. But at Free Website To App you get this service for free. Also you can get a signed apps which is required by play store at a very cheap price.

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